Does Financial Jargon Intimidate You And Cause You To Feel Less Than Adequate In Your Understanding Of Basic Personal Financial Concepts?


What If I Told You That In A Matter Of Hours You Could Be Able To Understand And SOLVE Most Personal Finance Problems With Ease?



If you have ever struggled with understanding Finance and Financial related problems, I can help you.

I've constructed a guide that will explain basic and complex finance problems and their solutions in a user-friendly and easy to understand guide.

This guide was initially written for an introductory College Finance class but then I realized that there are so many people in all walks of life that need to know this stuff that I started releasing it to the general public because of its usefulness.

For whatever reason, they don't teach this stuff in high school.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why?

This is stuff that you will use for the rest of your life and they don't bother to go over this stuff AT ALL in high schools.  Go Figure?

I've listed below just some of the items that I explicitly cover in this finance study guide:

The concept of the Time Value of Money as it relates to everyday situations.

Present Value Calculation Problems

Future Value Calculation Problems

Solving For New Car Payment Problems

Solving For Future Value of Investment Problems

Solving For Withdrawal of Investment Problems

How To Calculate Whether the best deal is a Lottery Lump Sum Distribution or a specific payment distribution interval

Solving For Savings Amount To Reach Specific Goals

Solving For The Number of Compounding Periods It Will Take To Reach A Specific Monetary Goal

What Serial Payments Are And How To Calculate And Solve Problems With Them

How To Calculate Internal Rate of Return Easily

How To Solve For Net Present Value

Solving For Mortgage Calculation Qualification Requirments


I created this finance study guide to help others understand and learn how to perform basic financial calculations that are common in everyday life.

I did develop this program for use by a student in a college level Finance course and as such I included specific instructions on how to solve these various financial problems using an HP 12C financial calculator.  It is the predominant calculator used in financial calculations.

My step-by-step instructions will translate to just about any calculator because I explain WHY you type in various data to calculate the solution for which you are looking.


In Addition To The Finance Study Guide, I've also created a set of Practice Problems with the step by step solutions.

Also, I've created a set of Excel Files that you can download as well, 11 in all that provide scenarios and solutions to various financial problems including:

  1. Long Term & Short Term Equity Gains
  2. Stock Portfolio Valuations
  3. Comparison of Annuities
  4. Financial Statement Analyses
  5. Gold Piece Calculation
  6. Investment Analysis - Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value
  7. Multi-Sheet Financial Statements
  8. Savings Planner
  9. Plant Acquisition - Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value
  10. Present Value Bullet Payments
  11. Retained Earnings Analysis


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By Brad Jones

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